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Real Fans is a specialist in providing fans for your Facebook fan pages. We provide real fans who will help promote your product or service on Facebook through increasing the fan count of your fan page. We do this through a range of low priced packages which you can find on our services page.At Real Fans we use a number of different providers to deliver the largest range of possible fans and likes to your Facebook fan page. All our fans that we send have the option to opt-in to your fan page meaning that they will definitely be interested in the topic your fan page is about. Fans are English speaking from USA, UK, Canada etc and all have real friends and are genuine accounts. What makes our service different from the competition is our honesty and value for money. Many similar sites offer to send you 1000 fans to your fan page but when you read the small print you find that that cannot guarantee that number and will only send out 1000 invites to your fan page. This is not the same thing. Here at Real Fans we send guaranteed fans to your page – the fans we offer will be the amount that join your fan page.

You may be asking yourself why not just buy Facebook fan invites rather than guaranteed fans. Many sites offer 1000′s of invites for less than we sell guaranteed fans. The reason is that with the recent changes to Facebook and the mass influx in sites that offer to provide your fan page with fans and likes, the rate at which invites are being accepted by Facebook users has drastically reduced. Before 1000 Facebook invites could get you at least a 10% return ie. buy 1000 invites and you would get 100 fans. Now this acceptance rate has hugely lowered which has left many people disappointed. This is why has changed to offer a guaranteed fan service so that there is no confusion over what you order and what you get. We hope our 100′s of previous customers, and new customers appreciate this.

Low Price - Some of the most competitive prices on the internet

HonestyWe guarantee fans, not invites.

Fast ServiceAll our orders are processed within 5 working days, results will be seen fast

Real LeadsAll our fans are real English speaking people, NO fake accounts!

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Beware of fake copycat sites – has been running since august 2010 as can be checked by our whois data. Newer fake sites will take your money and give you no more communication. Trust the original service.